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How to find Students for Online Quran Teaching jobs-[6 Best Websites]

After the Pendamic Online Quran Teaching Jobs Website Emerged, many of Ulma e Deen and Hifaz e Karam, Qari are Taking benefit of teaching the Quran Online.
It is also helping those living in the West to get the services of highly qualified tutors all across the world. The reason is that Western Muslims primarily seek online Quran tutors due to the shortage of physical Islamic institutes.
Here in this article, I am going to provide you with a list of the best online institutions for Quran tutors all over the world.

If you are a Hafiz e Quran, Teacher, Qari, Alim e Deen, then this Online Quran Teaching Jobs Website Video is For you. {this Video is in Urdu}

How to find Online Quran Teaching Jobs Websites in Urdu?

In this video, you will find step by step guide to find Online Quran Teaching Jobs at home. After the Pandemic it’s Become easier to find Online Qari job Websites. Furthermore, I try to explain how we can search easily through Different Social Websites and As well as tough popular Freelance Platforms.

Make sure to Watch this Video fully so you can get complete information that how you can make your Profile on these Online Quran Teaching Websites.

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Topics will include How to find Students for online Quran Teaching?

How to find Students for Online Quran Teaching Online?

How you can Make your Quran Academy Online for Quran Teaching?

How you can Make Facebook and LinkedIn Pages for Online Quran Teaching?

How do you run ads for online Quran Teaching?

How to Create a Live Class for Online Quran Teaching?

and Other Topics you can Recommend me to Cover.

Steps to Find On Google Online Quran Teaching Jobs Websites?

  • It’s Very Easy just type in Google Search Online Quran Teaching,
  • After Ads, you will find many best Online Quran Teaching website results
  • Then you can create your account as a Quran Tutor
  • And Offer your Online Quran Tutor Services.

Here is the List of Online Quran Teaching Jobs Websites.


Qutor is an online platform for Quran teachers to provide their services according to their Quran teaching skills. It gives you the opportunity to choose whether you want to teach Tajweed, Arabic, Recitation, or Hifz services.
The process of registration is quite simple and easy. During sign-up, you have to add your credentials along with Ijazah from your Islamic institute. After signing up, you have to watch some videos regarding the website and then have to give a tutor test. If you pass, your registration will be completed.

One thing that I like the most regarding this website is that it provides complete parental control, as parents can see their child’s activity and progress during the course. Additionally, Qutor provides you with online whiteboard access, which gives you the vibes of physical classes.
Make sure to write your complete and authentic profile description regarding the institute where you completed your Quran education and the teaching experience you have to build a good impression on the students and their parents.

Iqra Network

Iqra Network

Iqra Network is a recognized platform for online Quran learning, and we have many qualified and experienced teachers who graduated from Al-Azhar University Egypt, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious Islamic institutes in the world.
All the teachers are fluent in English and Arabic. So, be prepared to make yourself eligible for the application.
In the application process, you have to record an introduction video in which you will talk about your specialization, experience, and why you want to be a teacher.
The more confident you are in the video, the more chances you get to get hired.

Teacher On

Teacher On

Teacher On is a free website where you can find jobs not only as a Quran tutor but also in other fields, e.g., Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths, Programming, Machine learning, and many more. If you are looking for a Quran tutor job and also want to teach your academic subjects, then this website is a good choice.
In the registration process, you have to sign up and provide details of your subject, academic information, and location. Whether you got hired or not majorly depends on your profile description. So, make sure to write a meaningful and impressive profile description.

Quran Teacher Live

Quran Teacher Live

Quran teacher website is also a very reliable and fantastic platform for Quran tutors, and their registration process is also much more straightforward than other websites.
Just like other platforms, your experience and qualifications are the gateways to your success.
The complete registration process is given in the above video. So check this out to get enrolled in the Quran Teacher Tutor.

And you can Create your Profiles on Fiverr and Upwork as well.



Fiverr is one of the top freelance platforms where you can provide online services in any subject of specialization. It is also helpful for online Quran tutor as they have to make their gigs regarding the courses or services they are eligible to provide.

Your hiring depends on the gig description, image, and your experience and grip on your field. So, try to make a unique and attractive gig to rank and get noticed more quickly.



Upwork is the second most reliable and advanced freelance platform. The reason is the quality it provides to the customers. Upwork assures client satisfaction and also pays you good money if you work hard and persuade the client.
In Upwork, you have to make a general profile and also specialized profiles in which you can individually provide your services. For example, you can create individual profiles for Tajweed of Quran, Arabic learning, Hifz, and Naurani Qaida Tajweed. Your separate profiles will help the students select their course of interest, and you can earn more this way.
Upwork works on connects(similar to the coins) as initially, upwork provides you some connects that you can use to bid on the projects. When they are finished, you have to buy them in order to bid.
If you work well, Upwork improves your rankings, which helps you to get more students without even bidding.

At the end, I just want to say Good luck for your new journey.

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