How to Enable or Disable Javascript in Chrome with {5 Steps}

How to Enable or Disable Javascript in Chrome with {5 Steps}

To Enable Javascript in Chrome on your Laptop or PC there are 3 easy steps to follow.

Step 1:

Click on 3 Dots in the top Right Corner of the Chrome window and then Click on Settings as highlighted on the image.

to Open Chrome Settings Page.

You will on your Chrome Profile Settings Page.

Chrome Settings Page

Step 2:

Click on Privacy And Security tab on your Left Hand and you will see a Site Settings Option on the Privacy Page


Or you Can SearchSite Settings” in the Chrome Settings Page in Search Bar as you are seeing in the Image below you will see a site settings Option Click on it.

Chrome Settings Page Search bar with Query Site Settings.

Step 4:

After Click on Site Settings you will land on this site Settings Screen, Now you need to scroll down until you find JavaScript Option as you are seeing on the images below:

Site Settings Screen in Chrome
Site Settings window Screen in Chrome with Option Javascript

Step: 5

Now you are able to Enable JavaScript or Disable Javascript, Just Click on your Relevant Option.

Chrome Site Settings to Enable or Disable Javascript

How to Disable Javascript in Chrome?

Click on 3 Dots in the top right corner of your Chrome Window then Click On settings you will see a Search Bar then Search for “Site Settings” then click on site Settings scroll a bit you will see a JavaScript Option Click on it and Disable it.

Benefits of Disabling Javascript

Disabling Javascript will help you to load your webpage fast and without any Ads.

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